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Simplicity. The Key To Affordability.

by Leon Van Vuuren on October 01, 2022

we all know the feeling of getting a quote for something and ending up paying more when we receive the final invoice like getting your car serviced and receiving a phone call 2 hours later.

or buying a special on a TV and the TV licence and delivery fee gets added.

don't you just hate it? why can't things just be as they seem?

that's what we are trying to achieve. we want to simplify a quite complicated industry down to only one price. doesn't matter your age, location, prescription; if you are on medical aid or paying cash…everybody pays the same price. each time. every time.

two of our core principles are transparency and communication. we don’t use manipulative deals and sales techniques to try and win you over. what you see (through) is what you get. the best possible eye care at a revolutionary price. the only surprise you will get is the value exceeding the price…well, that’s what our customers say (at least).

we have partnered with Essilor and Cooper Vision as our sole lens and contact lens suppliers to ensure you get the most value and best possible vision possible. as a capitalistic stakeholder company, we believe in loyalty and long-term relationships with our suppliers, which enables us to do what we do and how we do it.

so what is the catch?




the catch is on our side

we have to serve twice as many customers as conventional practices, but we like it that way. we want to be deeply involved in and get to know the communities we form part of.

by helping more people, more people contribute to our ecosystem, which means in the future, we can further reduce our prices and become more affordable.

affordability is not only the price, but also the way you acquire something.

that’s why we are intentionally contracted with almost all South African medical aids, ensuring we stay within the prescribed benefits. we also offer payment plans without interest to enable you to get your glasses now without forking out a large amount of money upfront.

we just want to live in a world where things are as they seem.

no exceptions.

you help us to create it.


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