Self Tinting Lenses – Optique Optometrists


what are self tinting lenses?

wearing prescription glasses and sunglasses in the summer can be a pain, always having to carry both pairs and changing between the two as you move from indoors to outdoors. 

however, thanks to light-adaptive photochromic lenses, it’s possible to wear just one pair all the time.

these two-in-one glasses cleverly change with the lighting. photochromic lenses look like regular clear lenses when indoors but automatically darken when moving into a brighter area.

ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun affect the molecules in the photochromic lenses so they change colour. they will darken in the light even on overcast days as UV rays still penetrate clouds.

what are transitions® ?

all self-tinting lenses use photochromic molecules. the superiority of Transitions® lenses lies in their exclusive, patented formulas.

transitions® GEN 8 is the new breakthrough technology based on what patients want: an improvement in outdoor darkness, activation speed, and fade-back speed without compromising the level of indoor clarity and protection from UV and harmful blue light. yes, that’s right- these lenses include blue-light protection as well!

at Optique, our go-to self-tinting lenses included in your self-tinting add-on are Transitions GEN 8, giving you the best photochromic lenses on the market.