Anti Reflective Coating – Optique Optometrists


what is an ARC?

when you wear glasses, you put a lens in front of your eye. when light hits your lens, most of it goes through the lens, but not all.

a lens has basically 2 flat surfaces, the front, and the back. when light encounters a flat transparent surface, some of the light always reflects back instead of going through. 

in fact, up to 12% of the light that enters your lens does not make it into your eye due to reflection. anti-reflective coating (ARC) technology to allow at least 96% of the light through the lens.

an ARC is designed to reduce these unwanted reflections.

vision is also clearer at night when your glasses have an anti-reflective coating.

why do we feel it is important?

when needed, an anti-reflective coating can help you to see clearer than ever. by reducing glare, it makes vision crisper and clearer than would be possible if the lenses were not coated.

ARC’s can also be enhanced to help your lenses remain scratch-free and clearer for longer, or even to be UV-blocking, despite the transparency of the lens.

an ARC also reduces eyestrain for people who use computers often by decreasing glare from the computer screen.

it also reduces eye fatigue for people who work in offices by lessening overhead glare that can be caused by unnatural lighting often found in offices.

why do we automatically include it in our recommended & upgraded packages?

we feel our patients deserve the absolute best value with no hidden costs, so we include an anti-reflective coating whenever needed on lenses.

at Optique, we want you to see crystal clear through lenses of the highest standard.

that is why we enhance your lenses to be more durable and glare-reducing at no extra charge on our recommended & upgraded packages.

*not included in our essentials.