Multifocal Lenses – Optique Optometrists


what are multifocal lenses?

you have heard of bifocals- (those glasses with the little window at the bottom) which have two focus points, one for distance vision and one for up close.

a multifocal lens is a lens that has multiple focus points on one lens.

before we dive deeper into multifocals, we need to understand that we need different powers to view different objects at different distances.

this is especially important when you are older than 40 years old.

multifocal lenses have advanced technology, and multiple different designs exist, so if it hasn’t worked for you once, you might just need a different lens design.

why is it important?

multifocal lenses are very helpful when you need to see at different distances throughout your day.

the top portion of a multifocal lens is for distance vision (driving, tv, etc.) and gradually becomes the correct power for your near vision (reading, cellphone, etc) at the bottom.

this means that you can do almost everything you need to do during the day, like driving to work, computer use, and reading messages on your cellphone with the same pair of glasses. 

which multifocal lens designs do we use?

at Optique, we use high-quality, digitally designed lenses from Essilor.

This means that your lens specifics are given to a computer program that designs and manufactures your lenses, making your vision clearer and your multifocal easier to use than entry-level multifocal lenses.

this lens is called the Optique DS (digitally surfaced), and it will also be specially designed for your power, frame, and eye measurements.

the Optique DS multifocal lens design is unique to Optique and specially chosen and designed by us, for you.

why don't we charge more for multifocal lenses like other optometrists?

you are probably wondering why we charge the same for single-vision, bifocal and multifocal glasses.

this is because down to our core, we believe in simplification.

we make it our mission to make it as simple for you as possible, and that means not having price influence the decision of which type of lenses you need.

it doesn’t matter how strong your lenses need to be or what type of lenses, multifocal lenses won’t cost you extra at Optique.