Accommodative Support Lenses – Optique Optometrists


what are accommodative support lenses?

these lenses have an invisible area of additional near help at the bottom of the lenses, specially designed for younger patients who spend a lot of time doing things at near distances.

this can put a lot of strain on the muscles inside the eye responsible for near vision.

if the muscles inside the eye cannot keep up with the demand of clear near vision, these lenses relieve some of that strain by assisting the muscles to keep things clear and comfortable.

digital devices also demand intensive efforts from your eyes to adjust to variable distances and reading pixelated characters.

what is an EyeZen™ lens?

Eyezen™ lenses’ structure has been designed by Essilor to help reduce visual fatigue caused by screens and excessive amounts of near work and to offer you better readability of small and pixelated characters. on top of that, it will protect your eyes from harmful blue-violet light emitted by screens.

a study carried out by Eurosyn Institute revealed that a high percentage of wearers (88%) are happy with Eyezen™ lenses.

84% of wearers experienced improved visual comfort and 82% of them said they had less visual fatigue compared to their current glasses.

why don't we charge more for EyeZen™ lenses?

when eye muscles are performing as they should, often single vision lenses will be sufficient in helping people younger than 40 see clearly and comfortably.

should this not be the case and your eye muscles need extra help, we at Optique believe that you should always be able to get the help that you need at no extra cost. simplification is always the base of everything we do, and we offer you one price for any pair of spectacles, regardless of the type of lenses you need.