frame codes – Optique Optometrists


as with everything we do, we've simplified your whole frame-choosing experience

method to our (simplicity) madness.

if you have been wondering about the "secret codes" behind our frame models, we promise there is simplicity behind it.

all of our practices have the same layout, and carry the same stock.

all frames on display are just samples (of the real thing). all available for you to view online, as a pair optical and sunglasses.

the codes have been designed to make it easy for you to walk straight into the practice and find the frame you are looking for.

the frame codes

the frame code consists out of a combination of one letters and two numbers.

let's take "3C6" as an example

the first number: 3

represents the cabinet number counting from left to right (see picture above)

the second letter: C

represents the row on the cabinet, counting from the top to the bottom; C being the third row from the top

the third number: 6

represents the position of the frame on the row, counting from left to right.

recap: if you walk into any Optique and you're looking for frame 3C6, you can walk to the third cabinet from the left, look at the 3rd row from the top (row C), and the sixth from the left.

the cabinet layout

our cabinets have a specific layout to help you get to the perfect fit, shape and colour.

although we have labelled the cabinets as ladies and men, you are not limited by choice and can choose any frame in the whole practice of your liking and fit.

in most cases, the majority of frames are unisex.


1: Ladies plastic frames

2: Ladies plastic frames

3: Ladies metal frames

4: Men’s metal frames & kids frames

5: Men’s plastic frames

top to bottom

the darker frames are at the top (black, brown, blue), the more colourful in the middle and the lighter coloured frames are at the bottom (crystal, metallic, etc).

left to right

the largest frames are on the left, and the smallest to the right.

recap: if you are looking for a plastic ladies frame, which should be black and for a small face you will find it at cabinet 1 (ladies plastic), on the top row (black / darkest colour) and on the right hand side (smallest frames). most possibly models 1A5, 1A6 or 1A7.

the sizes

to help you rule out options, all of our frames indicates the size of the frame on the bottom of the left lens: “small, medium or large”