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We're Not The Only R99 Optometrists.

by Leon Van Vuuren on October 01, 2022

yes, it's true

we also were not the first. it started by offering our eye test for R99 when we started Optique during eye care awareness month as a once-off promotion, but we were sad to see the need, people coming from all corners to come and get their eyes tests and bringing their families along. this made us feel alive and passionate again about what we got to do.

after years of buy one get one promotion, expensive brands and retail focus this was refreshing to help people as optometrists as we did when we were working in the public sector as students. from that day forward, we decided that this would be our way of giving back to our communities.

our time, talents, and money to increase eye care awareness. 

although we are not the only optometrists providing eye tests for R99, R90 or even R50. we are most likely the only one without t’s and c’s. 

some of the terms and conditions regarding the R99 eye test we’ve seen in the market which we do not support are:

  • only applicable if you do not have a medical aid
  • only a promotion
  • just a screening, not a full comprehensive eye test
  • you cannot have your prescription
  • only applicable if you make a pair of glasses at the practice
  • only available at some stores of a franchise or group

you might have heard…but we don’t like t’s and c’s. what you see is what you get. our eye test is R99, and it’s a full, comprehensive eye test; you are welcome to take your script with you. for us it’s about serving you and ensuring you get access to quality eye care and know the status of your eye health.


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