A Great Company Culture At Optique Optometrists


by Leon Van Vuuren on January 17, 2023

as a company, we strive to create a healthy environment of growth and excellence for our team members.

we believe that work should be deeply purposeful and relational, and we are committed to developing each person for and beyond their contribution to the business.

One of our main focuses is on growth ­čî│

We communicate clear expectations about each team member's role, contribution, and areas for development. We also creatively adjust roles and assignments to build competence, broaden capability, and distribute our authority and influence - all in view of both the organisation's and the individual's goals and where people are not meeting expectations, we communicate and act quickly, first adjusting for better alignment within the organisation, and if necessary, guiding and supporting them in leaving the organisation.

We also prioritize a community of excellence by honoring each team member through our human resources practices, including compensation, benefits, and tools that allow us to attract and retain the right talent - and that enable people to commit wholeheartedly to their work in light of all aspects of their vocations ­čĆć

We value accountability and give redemptive feedback to individuals and teams: clear, specific, developmental, consistent, gracious, and honouring.

We hold ourselves and others accountable by speaking the truth in love ­čźÂ­čĆż

In addition to growth and excellence, we also prioritise balance and practice healthy and sustainable work rhythms, including intentional patterns of daily, weekly, and seasonal rest.

We encourage leave for fathers, mothers, and caregivers to devote themselves to intensive care for those dependent on them without jeopardising their long-term prospects with the organisation.

We also value diversity and build and nurture robust diversity - of age, gender, ethnicity, skill set, and experience - at every level of the organisation, knowing that these differences lead to greater organisational impact as well as personal transformation.

We create inclusive leadership pipelines, making way for women, people of color, and those who have lived experience in the issues we address.

As for what we expect from our team members, we ask that they be A-Team players by obsessing over our customers, continuously improving, striving for excellence, showing respect and love, and practicing open and honest communication Ôťů

We believe that by working together with this mindset, we can continue to create the best working environment for ourselves and the best service for our customers.

Want to work for Optique Optometrists ­čĄę

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