Proclear Sphere 6 Pack


Proclear® contact lenses, also known as Proclear Compatibles, use a unique technology making them resistant to dehydration, which helps your Proclear lenses stay moist and comfortable all day.

Proclear contacts are manufactured by CooperVision.


Product Details

  • Stay 96% hydrated throughout the day
  • May help address eye dryness when wearing contact lenses

CooperVision® Proclear® lenses address the most-cited reason for contact lens dropout: discomfort

Unlike some lenses that may have your patients’ eyes feeling itchy and dry after they’ve worn them only a short time, Proclear sphere contacts offer a level of true all-day-comfort. These lenses were designed to remain hydrated, helping them feel moist and comfortable throughout the day.

Patented PC Technology™ Makes It Work

CooperVision’s exclusive PC Technology™ creates a unique lens material in which the phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules attract and bind water to the surface, creating a shield that keeps the lenses clean and functioning properly. The PC molecules also help the lenses remain hydrated, which in turn, help them feel moist and comfortable all day long.


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