My Day Toric 1 Day 30 Pack


MyDay toric lenses by CooperVision are a new silicone hydrogel lenses from CooperVision. These lenses are for people with astigmatism and provide excellent all day comfort with the added benefit of UV protection. These lenses offer the three pillars of of satisfaction for astigmatic wearers – comfort, vision and health.



  • Biofinity® toric optical design features in a 1-day lens
  • 3rd generation silicone hydrogel material for a high performing, comfortable lens
  • Up to 4x Dk/t of a hydrogel 1-day lens for higher oxygen transmissibility
  • Our highest UVA/UVB* blockers

Benefits of Biofinity® toric replicated in a 1-day lens.

Proven toric lens design, with the same optical design features found in Biofinity toric.

MyDay toric features Optimized Toric Lens Geometry, resulting in a toric lens designed to provide predictable, consistent visual acuity, superior lens stability, fit and comfort.

Uncompromised chemistry.

MyDay daily disposable lenses also feature Aquaform® Technology, which provides a unique balance of high oxygen permeability, high water content and optimum modulus for a soft and flexible lens. These features deliver the unsurpassed comfort, softness, and superb handling that patients love.


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