Biofinity Sphere 6 Pack


These monthly contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision using supreme technology ensure that Biofinity contact lenses bring you the best level of comfort.

They are naturally wet and high in oxygen levels making the wearing experience much more pleasing and keeping your eyes healthy.

Definitely one of the best silicone hydrogel contact lenses on the market.

The Biofinity spherical contact lenses are a great choice for the monthly contact lens wearer.



  • Naturally wettable
  • Low modulus and high Dk
  • Silicone hydrogel material
  • Aspheric front surface for sharper vision

Up to 29 Days of Continuous Wear

CooperVision Biofinity® contacts are suitable for your patients that are looking for excellent health and comfort from a lens they can wear daily or for up to seven days in a row. In addition to being ideal for new wearers, Biofinity contact lenses are also an ideal upgrade for existing wearers who want better lens performance.

Patented Aquaform® Technology

Biofinity is different from other high oxygen lenses because it features our exclusive Aquaform® Technology. This technology creates a naturally hydrophilic contact lens that retains water within the lens, minimizing dehydration. It also combines low modulus and high oxygen transmissibility for added comfort and breathability.


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